Sunday, November 12, 2017

🌺 Foxberry Sweaters 🌺

The only thing that seems to bring me joy atm is making custom content lol, so instead of enjoying all the pups n kitties the cats&dogs ep gave me, I’m making cc ok. Do not judge. 
These tops were separated from a fullbody outfit. They are standalone and you can have both in the game at the same time! I included psd’s in my psd folder here, in case ya wanna recolor! 


  • Custom Thumbnails
  • BGC
  • 10 Swatches
  • Unisex
  • Feminine
  • All LODS, spec, bump & shadow maps.


Simfileshare (Non-Adfly)
Mediafire (Non-Adfly)
Simsworkshop (Non-Adfly)
Dropbox (Non-Adfly)


  1. Thank you so much for this! I was really disappointed to see it was an outfit when I started the game, in the trailer I thought it was just the shirt.

  2. Hi! love the sweater :) I tried to dress my lady sim in this sweater, but it is not showing up on there a mesh somewhere that I'm missing? I don't have cats and dogs, I thought that the sweater was base game compatible? Thanks!

    1. Hello!! I rechecked the shirts just to be sure I didn't forget to make them bgc, but they truly are base game compatible!!
      What I can suggest is that you first re-download them and then test to have only them in your game. But if that doesn't work, check to see if you didn't accidentally download the zip file and forgot to extract the shirts!! If that is the case, just download them from dropbox, mediafire or simfileshare!
      Hope that helps and let me know if it doesn't work ok and I'll see if I can help you some more!

  3. Hi, would be nice if you specified which version is which next time!

    1. Hello! You are absolutely right, that was my mistake! I'll try and do better next time! Thank you!