Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rusty's Ombrés Tutorial

This is a tutorial on how to add Rustys Ombrés to clayified hairs. This might work on any hair that has a clay texture.
(This is how I do it since I had to improvise while learning it, but it works at least)

Step 1:

The first thing I do is to actually clayify the hair and to do that you can follow this tutorial (1) & (2) by Habsims, there's also a tutorial by ddeathflower you can follow.
Download the ombrés here

Step 2:

When that's done I always think it's easy to identify the different strands by coloring them in different colors just so you can keep track of them. Some strands won't look good with the ombrés for example. It will look a little like this. Leave this swatch up in S4Studios so you have some sort of reference when doing the ombrés.

Step 3:

I always start with the blonde shades. Open up your platinum texture & Rustys Ombrés in Photoshop and drag the blonde/pink shade onto the platinum texture.

Place it the exact same way you placed the maxis match textures. Do this on all the strands you "painted" on, leave the rest for now (- you're not going to do the ombrés on the file you used the paint on ok, that one is just for reference).

Merge the layers and save the file as a .dds, test it out in S4Studios (and in cas) and if it looks good do the same with all of the platinum shades.

Step 4:

This next part is a little trickier since the MM photoshop actions (Habsims) I use don't match Rustys Ombrés. Idk why but it is what it is.
Do the exakt same thing you've been doing with the blonde shades to the silver shades, but when you get this far you're going to have to do one more step.


In this case the strands I haven't covered are horizontal, but in most cases they're vertical. When you do this, also delete the background layer - the one with the platinum scalp and replace it with either a black or a white base instead so it looks like this;
(Always do this, if the ombrés are brown, use a brown base etc)

(To do this btw, just remove the background layer, then drag another texture into PS and place it correctly - then drag the layer so it's below all of the other layers. 
This is mostly if the scalp would shine through or something, would be kind of weird to have blonde roots when you have silver hair. 

When this is done grab another silver texture and place it on top of the strands you've left alone until now. Then grab the rectangular marquee tool and mark the part of the texture that's purple. Press Ctrl + T, move the part you've marked a little bit and press Enter, then press Delete. Place it more accurately and you're done with that! Just merge and save.

Do this with all of the textures!! Like maybe the black ombrés can work with the s&p black but otherwise nah. It's also extremely tricky (for me) when the hair has been shaved on one side or so but I usually try to match it by playing with adjustment layers (on the base layer). 

Step 5:

When you're done with that all you have to do is add them to your package.

List of Hex Codes:

Blonde/Pink - #FC87A0 
Blonde/Blue - #66CCCC
Blonde/White - #FFFFFF
Silver/Purple - #D474DE
Silver/Green - #B9E35E
Silver/Black - #575757
Black/Silver - #878787
Black/Red - #7A0004
Black/Blue - #005363
Brown/Auburn - #E0811A
Brown/Blonde - #E0B068
Green/Yellow - #EBE953
Green/Purple - #96448F
Blue/Green - #327047
Pink/Blue - #31BECF

If you have any questions contact me here!
You can download the hair here!

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