tisdag 17 januari 2017

🌺 Sanguine Rose - For Toddlers - 3K Followers Gift 🌺

Alright so in a moment of inspiration and motivation I decided to convert my rose accessory for children!!
You’ll get 4 versions because I made two extra packages that can be used with the hair pictured since my two original versions didn’t fit that hair (wanted the flowers for my model). You’ll need the original version packages to use the two that fits the fluffy hair! I hope this makes sense!!

Download the child version here
Download the adult version here


  • New mesh
  • Custom thumbnails
  • Standalone
  • 65 Swatches
  • Hat Category
  • Unisex


Simfileshare (Adfly) - Thank you for supporting me!!
Simsworkshop (Non-Adfly)
Dropbox (Non-Adfly)

Credit: EA, palette by bepixled

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