måndag 30 oktober 2017

🌺 VittlerUniverse’s Ludmilla Hair & Clips Maxis Matched 🌺

I love this mesh so much?? And I think it looks absolutely beautiful in maxis match textures!! I also retextured the clips a little bit and recolored them! 
So I made 4 different versions of this hair because I’m really extra. Braids & dreads without hairline and braids & dreads with hairline. You can pick and choose whichever ones you like! The hair in the preview is with the hairline!

🌸Info - Hair🌸

  • Custom thumbnails
  • Standalone
  • Dreads & Braids
  • Mesh by Vittleruniverse
  • 18 Swatches (EA’s)
  • Works best on feminine frames

🌸Info - Clips🌸

  • Custom thumbnail
  • Standalone
  • Mesh by Vittleruniverse
  • 25 Swatches


The mesh is not included, download it here

Simfileshare (Adfly) - Thank you for supporting me!!
Mediafire (Non-Adfly)
Simsworkshop (Non-Adfly)
Dropbox (Non-Adfly)

Here is a tutorial if you want to remove the original texture and only keep the mesh.

Credit: vittleruniverse for the mesh, textures by me & palettes by fruity-humans & berrynooboosfour

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