Monday, August 8, 2016

Stealthic Erratic Clayified

Finally! It is done and I’m so happy with it. 
One thing though, the different colors’s textures aren’t exactly identical because I had some problems, it’s barely noticeable and they all look fine - some colors might also look a bit light but I like it, so. I mean, the colors are EA’s, just a bit lighter.


  • Custom thumbnail
  • Standalone
  • Mesh by Stealthic
  • 30 Swatches (EA’s) + (Mine - Not Pictured)
  • Enabled for all genders
  • Categorized as feminine

The mesh is not included, download it here

Simfileshare (Adfly) - Thank you for supporting me!!
Simsworkshop (Non-Adfly)
Dropbox (Non-Adfly)

Here is a tutorial to remove all the original textures and only keep the mesh.

Stealthic - Mesh, ddeathflower - Textures. 

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