fredag 23 september 2016

SPWL’s Hallowsims Storm Conversion Maxis Matched

I’ve been waiting for ages for sheplayswithlifeee​ to convert this beautiful hair so I could a, get it for my small children and b, so i could retexture it. So thank you so much! As with my adult version it contains 2 packages - braid & dread textures. You also get all the colors, because who doesn’t like gray-haired children?
I recommend you using some sort of hairline because I removed the original one (why? because i like to choose hairlines myself). You can find a bunch linked here!


  • Custom thumbnail
  • Standalone
  • Dreads & Braided textures
  • Mesh converted by SPWL
  • 18 Swatches (EA’s)
  • Enabled for all genders
  • Categorized as feminine & masculine
  • Enabled for aliens

The mesh is not included, download it here

Simfileshare (Adfly) - Thank you for supporting me!!
Simsworkshop (Non-Adfly)
Dropbox (Non-Adfly)
+ WMS Recolors here & here

Hallowsims & sheplayswithlifeee - Mesh, textures extracted by me

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